Betta Fish Tank Setup: Everything You Need for Siamese Fighting Fish

Anyone who’s set foot in a fish store or big chain pet store has encountered the infamous betta. These stunning freshwater fish come in a veritable rainbow of colors. And if you’re a fan, you recognize the different tail and scale patterns, too. However, while these fish often appear in tiny bowls in the store, … Read more

The Bala Shark, Silver Giant of the Home Aquarium – Essential Information for Hobbyists

Bala Sharks (Balantiocheilus melanopterus) are large, beautiful fish native to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. They are also known as tricolor sharks, silver sharks, try color minnows, and Silver Bala. Bala Sharks are so named because their dorsal fin provides a resemblance to a shark, not because of their behavior or … Read more

Fish Tank Mold: Removing Unwanted Fungus From Your Aquarium

No one likes seeing a cloudy fish tank. Routine cleaning and hygiene should prevent such a sight. But sometimes that green film covering everything from the sides of the tank to the décor? It isn’t what you think. Mold can find its way into a fish tank with little trouble. And removing mold – especially … Read more